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Attention Job Seekers:

I'll Personally Help You Write A Resume That Gets Employers Hoping To Interview You

And to land a great job once your resume is new-and-improved, I'm also throwing in $1,680 worth of resources, ebooks and training — for free.

Updated: 1st of March 2023

Dear Job Seeker,

Are you tired of submitting your resume into online job-application portals that lead nowhere?

Or maybe you're feeling trapped in a dead-end job that makes you wish every day was Friday?

Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is, your dream job might just be a couple resume-edits away.

The bad news is, if your resume isn't written in a way that grabs attention and cuts through the noise, you may as well not apply at all -  because no one will give your application a second look!

The traditional, corporate resume style is not effective anymore. It doesn’t grab a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s attention, the way your resume needs to do.

I’ve been teaching people how to write powerful resumes for over 25 years.

It’s not hard to do - I’d love to show you how! 

The good news is, I can help you write a resume that gets great employers clamoring to interview you.

I've put together a special offer to take a small group of students through my 'Write Your Perfect Resume' course in a personal way.

Here's Exactly What You're Getting

Module #1

Choose Your Career Direction

  • The first step in landing a great job is to choose your specific career direction!

  • This will get your resume onto the short list for interviews

  • …and stand out from the crowd!

  • After Module One, your resume will already be working harder for you!

Once you've chosen your career direction, we'll work on your brand...

Module #2

Your Brand

  • Most resumes aren’t branded at all, and that’s a problem

  • Your brand tells recruiters, “Here’s what I’ve done and what I plan to do next.”

  • Branding is everything in a 2023 job search!


  • You’ll lose the overdone corporate jargon and sound like yourself

  • Taking this one step will get you more interviews!

But that's not all, you're also learning...

Module #3

Dragon-Slaying Stories(™)

  • Dragon-Slaying Stories share your accomplishments with the reader, but they do much more -

  • They also tell the reader why you did the things you did - and show your brain working! 

  • Dragon-Slaying Stories are ten times more powerful than standard resume bullets (tasks and responsibilities)

  • They tell the reader what you personally got done and made better in your past jobs 

  • Your stories make recruiters and hiring managers eager to meet you!

But that's not all, you're also learning...

Module #4

Tie It All Together

  • Now, you’ll tie together your career direction, your brand, your Dragon-Slaying Stories and your work & educational history to make your resume shine

  • Your resume will grab the reader’s attention now! 

  • You’ll use Your Perfect Resume for your LinkedIn profile, too.

  • Your Perfect Resume isn’t just important for readers - it’s great for you, too! 

  • Now you’ve got a great resume and you’re back in your power!

But that's not all!

To sweeten the deal I've also decided to include 8 FREE bonuses worth $1,680 total to help you write your perfect resume...

And finally get the attention you deserve from TOP employers and recruiters!


Here Are The 8 FREE Bonuses Worth $1,680 Total


Live Resume Clinic With Liz Ryan

(Value: $297)

  • Get my help on your resume, in a LIVE Clinic!


  • I’ll personally help you and your fellow course members with branding and dragon-Slaying Stories!

  • I want to hear your story, and help you put it into words!

  • Come to my LIVE Clinic for a real-time resume makeover!

  • Why shouldn’t your resume be as powerful as you are?


Real-Life Example Of Truly Perfect Resumes You Can Copy

(Value: $20)

  • You’ll get a collection of Perfect Resume examples!

  • You’ll see how successful job candidates use their Perfect Resume Summary and Dragon-Slaying Stories to make a strong impression on recruiters right away.

  • You can use the examples to write Your Perfect Resume and accelerate your job search! 

  • Learn how to handle resume gaps, short-term jobs and other resume “complications”

  • You’ve got a great career story - let’s help your resume tell the story! 

Once you have examples to model your own resume after, I'll also show you my biggest secret to landing your dream job.


How to Write a Pain Letter eBook

(Value: $20)

  • There are more ways to get a great job than submitting applications online

  • A Pain Letter(™) is the 21st century improvement on a cover letter

  • Your Pain Letter gets a recruiter’s attention by talking about the pain points you’ve solved in your past or current jobs

  • Pain Letters are twice as effective at getting interviews as standard cover letters

  • You’ll learn how to write your own Pain Letters and get more interviews!

Since you'll be getting a lot more interviews, I've also included -


Interviewing with Confidence eBook

(Value: $20)

  • Interviewing with Confidence is my best-selling manual on interviewing techniques!

  • You’ll learn how to prepare for an interview, answer tricky interview questions and sail through the conversation! 

  • You’ll learn how to ask great questions of your own…

  • …and how to follow up after the interview to stay top-of-mind for the interviewer

  • Interviewing with Confidence is the essential 2023 interviewing guide!

Plus, you'll get smart answers even to the dumbest interview questions, so you're always prepared.


Smart Answers to Dumb Interview Questions

(Value: $20)

  • Not every interviewer is prepared, and not every question they ask you is smart - but you still have to answer them!

  • You’ll be prepared for anything the interviewer throws at you

  • Get a new perspective on interviewing and reduce your stress! 

  • Don’t let a random interview question get in your way!

Once your first optimized resume is ready, we'll polish it to perfection -


Solve Any Resume Problem eBook

(Value: $20)

  • There’s no resume issue or problem we can’t solve together

  • Zigzag career path? Not an issue! 

  • Changed careers several times? Took career breaks? Easy! 

  • You’ll learn how to explain any career shift or resume gap

  • Don’t let those things slow you down!

And if you're thinking of using your new skills and newly-polished resume to job hunt while working, we've got your back -


Job Hunting While You're Working

(Value: $297)

  • Job Hunt While You’re Working is our ultra-popular downloadable course for people who want to find their NEXT job before they quit their CURRENT job

  • You get the entire course as a free bonus for registering in Write Your Perfect Resume! 

  • Learn how to manage a job search alongside your current job without sounding alarms

  • …and how to handle counteroffers, giving notice and sailing off down your path! 

  • Job hunting while working is a critical 21st-century career skill - learn everything you need to know!


20 Questions and Answers About Your Resume eBook

(Value: $20)

  • We’ve answered the top questions every job seeker wants answers to

  • You don’t have to wonder how other people handle specific resume situations - you’ll know how! 

  • Your resume is your number one job search tool - let’s make it incredible! 

  • Regardless of your background or special circumstances, there’s nothing to worry about or feel “less than” about.

  • You are a superstar, and you deserve a superstar resume!


Slack Support from Liz and the Human Workplace Team

(Value: $897)

  • Six weeks of 24/7 support for your resume creation journey. We'll answer your questions and respond to your ideas and observations, in our course members only community!


Downloadable Recording of Live Resume Clinic

(Value: $69)

  • Finally, you'll get the recording of our LIVE Resume Clinic with Liz Ryan, a $69 value!


That's a massive package designed to optimize and perfect your resume.

It's all you need to get the attention of top employers and recruiters ...and it's a massive step towards landing the dream job you truly want.

And you're getting it all for free when you enroll in 'Write Your Perfect Resume' today.

If that's all you need to know, click below and enroll in "Write Your Perfect Resume" and get instant access to 8 FREE bonuses worth $1,680.

Why Am Making This Offer?

It's simple.

It's my mission to help more people - even if it means giving a 30% discount and putting together a massive package like this.

I have over 25 years of experience as an HR executive, career coach, and workplace expert - and in the last few years alone I've helped tens of thousands of job seekers achieve their professional goals and take their careers to new heights.

If you feel like this is right for you, click below and enroll in "Write Your Perfect Resume" and get instant access to 8 FREE bonuses worth $1,680.

Want To Know Why This Works Well?

Here’s why my course Write Your Perfect Resume works so well and helps candidates get interviews and job offers:

My resume approach is used worldwide by people in every industry and function, at every stage of their careers.

It’s called a Human-Voiced Resume™, and it grabs the reader’s attention because it uses a conversational tone and powerful stories to showcase your talents AND your accomplishments in your career thus far.

Your resume will stand out in a sea of resumes when you brand yourself specifically for the job you want - not every job you could perform.

Your new resume will show recruiters and hiring managers not only that you know how to do the job you want but that you understand how your work contributes to the organization you’re working for.

That’s what your resume will bring across!

Your resume will show your transitions from one job to the next and I’ll also show you how to deal with resume gaps, short-term jobs and other common resume problems.

A huge bonus of this program is that your resume will grow your confidence.

A resume that finally brings YOU into the spotlight is a fantastic way to boost your self-esteem when you’re job hunting, and even when you’re not!

Here's What To Do Next

If you want help on writing a perfect resume that gets noticed by top employers, simply click on the link below, fill out the form with your details, and complete your purchase.'

Write Your Perfect Resume' sold for $197 in the past, but you can get it for 30% off until Sunday.

That's just $137. The discount is automatically applied during checkout.

The way I see it, this is not an expense but an investment in yourself - and possibly one of the best ones you can make.

(What other skill or "document" has the power to change your work-life balance, increase your income and impact your day to day well-being?)

Getting this right can have tremendously positive ripple effects on your life.

Interviewing is a big one too, but I've got that covered in the free bonuses along with lots of other free training!

If you'd like to take me up on this offer, click below and enroll in "Write Your Perfect Resume" and get instant access to 8 FREE bonuses worth $1,680.

Here's What Happens After That

Once you've filled out the form at the bottom of this page, you'll receive an email with your login details.

From there, you'll have 24/7 access to all the course materials and can go through everything at your own pace.

That means you can start optimizing your resume right away, whether it's early in the morning or late at night, weekdays or weekends.

You have complete flexibility and control over when and how you learn.

And you'll also get access to your 8 free bonuses worth $1,680 that will help you further enhance your resume and land your dream job.

And if you ever need any help or support, my dedicated team is here for you.

Here's the coolest part:

You'll be plugged into a community of like-minded people.

You can join my live resume clinics, where I personally review resumes and answer questions.

And don't worry ...each live resume clinic is recorded and accessible in your member area even if you can't join us live.

So what are you waiting for?

Click below and take advantage of this special offer.

Time Is Of The Essence

As much as I'd like to offer this bargain forever, I simply can't!

The live resume clinics take a large amount of my time, and I want to make sure you get the support you need to optimize your resume.

I'm doing this special sale to help out as many people as possible in the shortest period of time possible.

But once the timer on this page hits zero, you won't be able to get this package anymore.

Not at this insane discount with the 8 free bonuses worth $1,680 ...but also not at the full price.

I rarely open registration for my courses, and it's even more rare that I offer a bargain like this.

This is a genuinely rare opportunity to optimize your resume and take your life, income and career to the next level.

If you feel like this is right for you, click below and enroll in "Write Your Perfect Resume" today, and get instant access to 8 FREE bonuses worth $1,680.


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